"I am deeply grateful for the community the Garden of Friends has provided and to you as the keeper of this Garden.
I attend whenever I can and often will do so at the detriment of other responsibilities. The benefits and warmth it brings to my heart far outweighing the benefits of whatever it is that I am putting aside...

"Garden of Friends"

Meet like-hearted human beings,

dedicated to peace of mind in daily living.

Currently we are meeting

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

at 7:00 AM (PT, Pacific Time, California) at Zoom.GardenOfFriends.com

Feel welcome to join us, feel free to email me at


and be connected via email updates.

Thank you Judith, for coining the term "Garden Of Friends".
I speak when I feel compelled to share to benefit others or to ask questions which have not dissolved of their own accord. Stories are fun and can be entertaining but the real value lies deeper in the heart of this community.
The Buddha tells us to take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. These three jewels are present in each and every garden of friends session."

Celebrating life and spreading the pointers to peace and happiness.

The simple website – NondualSharing.com – is intended as a public space for friends at the SpiritualCoffeeShop.com. Please send me an email and I will set up an account for you.

Being connected with other human beings who speak the language of not-two is more than beautiful. Why not to publicly share things that touch our heart; celebrating life and spreading the pointers to peace and happiness.

Let me know if you have some content you want to post on NondualSharing.com. I either post it for you, or help you posting it yourself.

Life is short and precious… let’s do something together!

Thank you,


Meditation & Exploration for kids, parents and anyone else

Painter, Art Lover, Human Being

Priyam, soon the pinched nerve in the neck will be free again!

I am looking forward to your new art.

"Precious Few"

Rare are those who truly see

past the outer shell of me

Few can find the hidden place

where shared being has no face

Ones like this don't expect a thing

except the company you bring

They lift and help each other higher

by virtue of their inner fire

Their presence can bear silent space

and by doing so, allow for grace

Friends like this are precious few

I'm grateful for this friend in you!

Poem by Walter Cecchini

Walter Cecchini, Police Officer, Truth Lover

Thank you Walter for your Presence, love for Truth, Wisdom, Poetry, Humor, scribbles:


We are looking forward to your next books:

TakeHeartSeeker.com and ConsciouslyOnPatrol.com.

See you at the next meeting ...

Walter talking with
Rupert Spira at 08:44.

Walter's current book: